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Medication Awareness

We are delighted to offer you the most comprehensive Safe Administration of Medicines (Medication Administration) , promoting best known practices that fully satisfy UK requirements.  

Learning Objectives

Know the classifications of Medication

Gain an understanding of the legislation and requirements surrounding the:

Storage of medication safely

Know how to dispose of Medication

Maintenance of Medication Records

Course will cover in part and related to the above

Obtaining consent

The Monitored Dosage System

Supporting Service User Independence and Choice

Self Administration

Recognising and reporting changes to the individual

Secondary Administration – Bad Practice

Reporting Mistakes

The course will utilise discussion and group activities as well as powerpoint slides, Video’s, targeted and open questioning and will finish with reference to further material that can be accessed by the learner.

There will be formative self assessment during the course and a summative assessment at the end that the student will retain. 

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